[fdo-users] RE: RE: Unicode (nvarchar) support for MS SQL Server

Brad Nesom kidsmake6 at msn.com
Sat Sep 15 10:13:43 EDT 2007

What I did was to set the unicode_string=false in my sde dbtune parameter
file. I had to add this parameter to my external file under the keyword that
I use for loading my sde data and then use the "sdedbtune -o import -f
c:\myfolder\mydbtunefilename.sde -u myusername -p mypassword" command. This
is the process I had to use because the default for arcsde datatype is now
defaulted to Unicode_string=true.

I assume you are using the autodesk fdo schema products to create your
schema. You will probably have to log a support incident with autodesk on
the product you used to create the schema in mssql (map 3d?). It may be a
matter of modidfying the schema and then reloading the data. Everything I
can find mentions that changing the schema is most likely going to break the
metadata link. In other words the data and the metadata will be out of sync.
Perhaps explaining/describing what tools you used to create the schema and
load the data would help.
The autodesk support site is down for maint this morning so I am not getting
much help from that. I did find the following... it may be a useful contact
for you.

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I also run Google search on that topic and got equal results. Alas, I have
idea how to implement proposed unicode_string database property change :-)
Is this a property being set during database creation, or it's possible to
apply it somehow upon existing dataset? 

Here are some sources explaining what database property to set, but they
don't say _how_ to do it:

But that's almost all on that. Brad, do you also need to set that property
within Oracle datastore to be able to keep unicode strings in it?

Maksim Sestic

bradgisoklah wrote:
> I just did this on google and there may be something there to help you. I
> am an oracle user so don't know much about mssqlsrv.
> Brad

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