Re[fdo-users] distributing FDO - "The specified module could not be found"?

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Mon Jan 14 17:48:41 EST 2008

It looks as if a DLL is missing from the path. Do you have all the FDO binaries in the path, managed and unmanaged? Also, try and run the depends.exe application to see if it can tell you what binary is missing. Thirdly, check the content of providers.xml to ensure that the provider path locations are correct.


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Hi Folks,

I appreciate that the .net assemblies for FDO are some kind of interoperable
wrappers to compiled DLLs below and not 100% managed code (if I have all my
terminology right).  So when I just do a simple file-copy and call the first
function in the application I get the exception below.  As none of the DLL's
register I must be missing something obvious?

Many thanks in advance,


OSGeo.FDO.Common.Exception: Unable to load the FDO Provider: The specified
module could not be found.

   at OSGeo.FDO.IConnectionManagerImp.CreateConnection(String providerName)
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