[fdo-users] Is there a Feature class naming convention

Bruno Scott bscott at geomapgis.com
Wed Jan 23 08:50:55 EST 2008

Specifically for the PostGIS provider
we specify the connection string with
  Service : MyDatabase at host:port
  Datastore : MySchema

So i think the featureclass name could only be "MyTable" instead of
Because we have already the datastore/Schema in the connection string

Am i right?


Bruno Scott wrote:
> Let me explain my problem.
> We have developped a huge application that does lot of specific industry
> task.
> These industry are Transportation,Cadaster,Facility management,Telco and
> so on.
> We historically used 2 driver to access and Maintain all these data :
> OleDb and OCI
> We have recently added support to FDO
> The same application could run on Access,SqlServer,Oracle,MySql.... with
> the same setting (table name, column name...) only the connection string
> change.
> To make sure that everything works fine we do unit testing on each of
> these databases.
> Symmary of the steps involved in unit testing
>   drop all the tables
>   Create all the tables
>   fill all the tables with known values
>   Launch some specific industry fonction
>   Test if the function did the right thing
> A specific industry function consist of one or many of these:
>   Select some record
>   Insert some record
>   Delete some record
>   Update some record
> The only things the application knows to acheive this are
>   a connection string to the database
>   a table name with optionnaly a schema name
>   the column names
> This end up with something like this
>    Drop table "MyTable"...
>    Create table "MyTable"...
>    Insert into "MyTable"...
>    ...
> These sequence of statement work fine on Most fdo provider
>   Autodesk.Oracle
>   Autodesk.SqlServer
>   Osgeo.MySQL
>   Osgeo.SDF
>   Osgeo.SHP
> I have problems with Osgeo.PostGIS, 
> with PostGIS i have to do that to make it working
>    Drop table "MyTable"...
>    Create table "MyTable"...
>    Insert into "MySchema~MyTable"...
> How i am suppose to know that the featureclass name should be
> "MySchema~MyTable" instead of "MyTable"
> I wish FDO had a method like GetPhysicalName who would return
> "MySchema.MyTable"
> So i would be able to map featureclassName to physical table name
> automatically
> Bruno
> JasonBirch wrote:
>> I believe that the PostGIS provider only implements the native PostGIS
>> data access, and has no way of storing FDO-specific logical/physical
>> mappings (not sure if I have the right terminology here).  I believe
>> that the second scenario would require the PostGIS provider to implement
>> some way of persisting this information?
>> Jason
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>> From: Orest Halustchak
>> Subject: RE: [fdo-users] Is there a Feature class naming convention
>> If the provider is accessing an existing schema, e.g. not created by
>> fdo, then the provider decides how to map the table / file to a class
>> and schema. The main thing is that the mapping is unique and unambiguous
>> as Traian said.
>> The other scenario is if a new class is defined via fdo. In this case,
>> the caller is specifying an explicit schema name and class name. A
>> describe of that class then should come back with the same names as long
>> as the input names were valid (FdoISchemaCapabilities has methods to get
>> information about valid names such as name size limits and valid
>> characters).
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