[fdo-users] Ubuntu 7.10 MGOS 2.0 fcgi returns file instead of XML

larry white larz at neomatix.ca
Fri Mar 14 09:13:23 EDT 2008


The installation/configuration of the mapguide.conf file seems to have
some issues.

In addition to the changes you've already made, you may also need to
uncomment the following line in mapguide.conf:

LoadModule mgmapagent_module modules/mod_mgmapagent.so

(this line is at the beginning of the file - line 8, in my case.)

Also, to gather information to figure things out, there are some log
files that can be quite useful

for apache issues:

for mapguide and fdo issues:

(btw, if you can't make heads-or-tails of what's going on in the logs,
posting information from them can aid others in helping out).

-- larry white
Sr. Systems Analyst

Ed Davis wrote:
> Map agent test returns .fcgi file instead of XML doc
> Previously posted and unresolved in discussion thread.
> Did try mod to
> /usr/local/mapguideopensource/webserverextensions/apache2/conf/mapguide.conf
> to uncomment AddHandler mgmapagent_handler fcgi
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