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Thanks Robert, this does help. I was not trying to
stir things up too much with the thread I posted. I
just needed to know how relevant it was compared to
the present state of FDO and ArcSDE so I could take
that information back to the GIS administrator I am
working with.

If I understand you correctly, the weekly build will
support SQL Server with SQL Server Authentication. Is
that correct?

Thanks again.


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The thread you mention is not only 1.5 years old but
also talks about Map 2007 which has been released in
April 2006.  It is using much  older version of the
ArcSDE FDO provider. Since then Map 2008 and Map 2009
have been released on updated FDO version and support
for 9.2 has been added to ArcSDE Provider.  Some of
the problem discussed there are of course outdated
mainly the multiple connection issue inside Map.

We already posted an unofficial version of the ArcSDE
provider supporting 9.3. At the moment, it won't
support dbo user (on SQL Server) or Windows
authentication but it is the plan to support those
features in the 3.4 release.  Unofficial build can be
downloaded from here 

Some user on this thread have actually indicated that
they used the existing provider using 9.3 client
components against 9.3 server without any problem.

As Romy mentioned, you can download the latest patch
for the provider depending on the version of FDO you
want to use.  Go to the FDO download page  

Hope it helps.


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Is there any estimate on when FDO will support ArcSDE

The GIS administrator I am working with pointed me to
the thread below from an ESRI forum that says some
interesting things about FDO and SDE. I would be
interested in other FDO users experience with SDE
regarding stability, locking tables, database
connections etc. I realize the thread is over a year
old and there may have been some changes since these
comments were posted.



George McLean

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