Re[fdo-users] turn geometries

surrounded Rob.Sosnowski at
Wed Sep 17 11:45:27 EDT 2008

Using shapefiles,  trying to return all geometries for all features within
the shapefile.  Using the logic below, the geometry is returned for only one
of the features within the shapefile.  How do I expand this logic to return
all geometries.   Thanks....

OSGeo.FDO.Commands.Feature.ISelect sel =
sel.SetFeatureClassName(sSplit[1]);      //Where sSplit[1] is the name of
the shapefile          
reader = sel.Execute();

while (reader.ReadNext())
    pCoords = reader.GetGeometry("Geometry");
    FgfGeometryFactory gFac = new FgfGeometryFactory();
    IGeometry geo = gFac.CreateGeometryFromFgf(pCoords);
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