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Is there a way in map 2009 to find out what version fdo it is using?



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Subject: [fdo-users] RE: Map 3D with FDO 3.4

No, FDO 3.4.0 will be compatible with Map 3D 2010. It is not compatible with Map 3D 2009. Continue to use the FDO 3.3.x stream for 2009.

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Subject: [fdo-users] Map 3D with FDO 3.4
I just tried to install the 3.4.0 RC1 version of FDO with Civil/Map 3D 2009 and AutoCAD reports that it failed to load connection control for provider.  Will 3.4.0 work with Map 3D 2009?  3.3.2 works just fine.
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