[fdo-users] FDO Compile error (libxalan-c)

kernel_panic sudoaptgetinstalld00d3 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 18:27:01 EDT 2009

> Does the FDO include directory in /usr/local/fdo-3.5.0/inc have an /SDF
> subdirectory with IScrollableFeatureReader.h in it?

Remember mine is in /usr/local/lib/fdo-3.5.0/ , but no, there isnt a
SDF (nor a SHP) folder :p

> May be the SDF specific headers didn't get copied by the CMake "make
> install". Those headers can be found under
> <fdo_src_root>/Providers/SDF/Inc/.
> However, those headers (in /SDF or /SHP) are no longer necessary -- they
> have been unified and moved to core FDO so, they should also be available
> under e.g. <Fdo/Commands/Feature/IScrollableFeatureReader.h>. so it's
> probably better to fix MapGuide to get the headers from there, rather than
> from /SDF/IScrollable...
> Traian

You're right, IscrollabeFeatureReader.h is under

Now, how do I tell mapguide to look for it in this path?

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