[fdo-users] KingOracle Provider and Linux

Haris Kurtagic haris at sl-king.com
Tue Oct 20 07:13:58 EDT 2009

Hi Riccardo,

I believe there are users of King.Oracle on Linux ( I am getting emails ).
Truth is that in we are not doing GIS projects on Linux so I don't have
direct feedback.

I am aware of issue with unicode version and Linux, that was your issue too
? Something  else ?

Yes, 3.4 branch code is stable version. We are using it on couple of


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We usually use KingOrcacle provider for our MGOS projects in Windows 
environment, now we have 2 projects where we want (and we must...)to use 
MGOS with Linux and Oracle Database.
I guess that there are not too much users, maybe no one,  that  use  
KingOracle under linux because I haven't find post about it in any list, 
so, before starting to ask, we set up a test environment with a CentOS 
4.8, and we started to download and compile MGOS (2.1 brach) and FDO 
(3.4.0) from svn repository.
After some hack to KingOracle code we finally been able to see something 
working... at least we know that to use the provider under linux is doable.
Now i would like to ask Haris if he have planned to support linux in the 
future, and, if yes, when he has scheduled the release of a linux 
compatible version.
More... since we have very close due date for our projects, we are 
thinking that we should modify the code to make a build of the provider 
that work only under linux. We would like to start from a stable version 
of the provider, so we need to know if the code that we download from 
the svn 3.4  branch is relative to a stable release.. (we need to use it 
with MGOS 2.1)

Also we  would like to thanks Haris and all the SL-King guys for their 
great job

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