[fdo-users] FDO-Connection problem AcadMap to ArcSDE

Heddo Klandermans h.klandermans at hawarIT.com
Thu Dec 23 10:44:04 EST 2010

Dear users,

When connecting AcadMap2009 (client side) to ArcSDE 9.2 (server side) by 
FDO 3.3 we face the problem of a broken connection when started to read 
data from a table. From Oracle 10.2.0.x we can see that the process to 
read the data is started but after some time the connection is suddenly 

In AcadMap we get the error message: "Cannot start session with invalid 
version name" with message details "Version info for "SDE.DEFAULT" could 
not be retrieved. Network I/O error(-10)"

The connection to server and instance is correct, because datastore and 
version are selectable. Then when you connect and retrieve the feature 
classes these are shown in the FDO-screen.

On suggested soultions we already tried to add port numbers to the host 
file and ip in the services file, but both actions did not solve the 

We do have a very large number of feature classes (around 150, with a 
number of FC's heving 2-3 history FC's). Also ArcSDE is on a different 
server than Oracle using memory connections.

Does anyone have experienced similar problems and knows a solution?

Heddo Klandermans

ir. H.D. (Heddo) Klandermans
Senior Consultant

Hawar Information Technology bv
De Wymerts 7, 8701 WT Bolsward, NL
Postbus 42, 8700 AA Bolsward, NL
Tel.: (+31)-(0)515-570 333
E-mail: h.klandermans at HawarIT.com

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