[fdo-users] Obtaining Spatial Extents for large datasets in ArcSDE

Justin Beasley justin.beasley at pb.com
Fri Jul 9 08:59:05 EDT 2010

Hi All
I am experiencing a problem with using the SpatialExtents function against a FeatureClass in ArcSDE.  The FeatureClass is relatively big with 1,971,472 rows.  Executing this function never completes as memory usage ramps up to the point where I get an out of memory error.
I assume this is because the function is performing a spatial query against each geometry in the feature class.  It works fine for small datasets.
Is there a way to get to the FeatureClass spatial extents that are registered in the "Layers" table in the Oracle database that sits behind ArcSDE via FDO?
Thanks in advance

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