[fdo-users] Editing ArcSDE Data with Different Users

Oguz Kurt oguz at boryazilim.com
Mon Oct 11 08:18:42 EDT 2010


First of all, i need to say that i am not so familiar with AutoCAD.

I am trying to configure AutoCAD Map3D so that different users connect to
the ArcSDE server, gets the data and edit this data by creating new
versions. But i encountered different errors during my tries.

(I have an SDE user which owns the SDE tables in oracle database, and an
ordinary user who have the permissions to create and edit data to sde
server. Ordinary users do not have the permission to edit the default
version, but can change the versions they create. This users are created as
it is explained in Administering ArcSDE® for Oracle manual of ESRI)

 I am using FDO Provider for ArcGIS Geodatabases 9.3 for establishing an
ArcGIS connection. (I need this provider instead of ArcSDE provider since i
am using domains in the ArcSDE data.)

Establishing an ArcGIS connection is successful using both SDE user and
ordinary user. *SDE user can always edit the data, no matter which version
is loaded; while the ordinary user cannot edit any of the versions* !!! This
is the biggest problem i have met. I am connecting with ordinary user,
create a version and then cannot edit this version. This can be done using
ArcSDE connection. But i have to use ArcGIS connection. Can you please help
me with this problem.

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