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Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Tue Jan 4 11:02:52 EST 2011

Hi Henning,

Unfortunately at this time we don't have many developers available you are in a position to make changes and test any ArcSDE changes. I should emphasize the testing part. If you have a valid ArcSDE development/test environment, why don't your team make the necessary changes to improve performance, and then propose a patch to the provider?


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#735: Improve performance on GetGeometry
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 We have done some profiling of the GetGeometry function in the ArcSDE
 provider. The performance when reading large geometries is rather poor. In
 one of our datasets we have rather large MultiLineString geometries, eg.
 one geometry consisting of 35581 lines (71260 points). For this particular
 geometry, the GetGeometry function takes 4-5 seconds to execute! The
 profiling reveals where the vast majority of the time is spent:

 83 % : SE_shape_get_num_points
  9 % : FdoArrayHelper

 I have attached a profiling screenshot for reference.

 The SDE API offers a SE_shape_as_WKB functions which runs in just 2-3
 milliseconds. Could that be used in conjunction with a Wkb2Fgf? That would
 greatly improve speed for large multi-geometries.

 Henning Maland

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