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Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Thu May 5 10:33:50 EDT 2011

Yes,  libSchemaMgr_OV.so is used by the RDBMS providers, MySQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL. You won't need it for accessing file based providers such as SQLite, SDF, SHP. 

libSchemaMgr_OV.so is typically built as part of the "fdocore" build process, which builds all the components under the Fdo and Utilities directories. 

You can build fdocore by executing the following:

  1. cd [FDO Open Source]
  2. Open and modify setenvironment.sh to specify the locations of the Thirdparty SDK components and build tools. 
  3. Source the setenvironment.sh script (bash or bourne compatible shells)

      source ./setenvironment.sh

  4. ./build_thirdparty.sh --w fdo
  5. ./build_linux.sh --w fdocore

OpenSourceBuild__README.txt contains more information on how to build specific pieces of the FDO tree.


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Under what circumstances should I be concerned about libSchemaMgr_OV.so? Am I correct in thinking that this is used by RDBMS-based providers?

Background: I've inherited an incomplete and slightly stale port of some FDO-based code to Linux. At the moment I'm trying to size up what will be involved in getting it all working - and that includes getting FDO compiled on 64-bit Linux. In the makefile I inherited, libSchemaMgr_OV.so was one of the libraries being linked against - but if I miss this out I can compile and run (in as much as I can read a shape file).

My current guess is that there never was a need to link my code against this library, but that if it isn't installed then I won't be able to use any providers that use it. Is this correct?

With regard to why libSchemaMgr_OV.so isn't being compiled, is it possible that the configuration process is detecting that I haven't yet bothered getting the source for the MySQL and ODBC providers, and so skipping it? If this were so, could it be rectified by having just one of these providers, or would I need them both?


Robin Newton wrote:
> > I've got something built now. I've not run anything yet, so I don't 
> > know if I'm home and dry; but it compiles without any obvious errors
> I spoke too soon: nothing is making or installing libSchemaMgr_OV.so, 
> and it looks like it's not trying (rather than trying and failing). I 
> can't say that I understand automake/autoconf at all, but I'm guessing 
> that something is going wrong at configuration time such that this is 
> never a target.

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