[fdo-users] Conversion of SQLServer Date type to FDO type Double ?

Bo Victor Thomsen bvt at geograf.dk
Mon May 30 07:37:13 EDT 2011

Hello list-members -

I have a SQLServer 2008 R2 based table which contains a "Date" field. 
I've connected this table to MapGuide 2.1 using FDO ver. 3.4.1. When I 
preview the the table in Maestro, the "Date" based field is identified 
as type "Double" in the preview window.

A similar SQLServer 2008 R2 based table, which contains a "DateTime" 
field instead of the "Date" field is treated correctly and the field is 
is shown as a "DateTime" field in MapGuide.

Is this behaviour by design or is it an error ?
Is it possible for MapGuide to identify the Date field correctly (short 
of converting the field from "Date" to "DateTime") ?
Bo Victor Thomsen


Med venlig hilsen

Bo Victor Thomsen
Geograf A/S

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