[Featureserver] Shifting Development Services

maplabs at light42.com maplabs at light42.com
Tue Jan 12 19:04:43 EST 2010

one possibility is dedicated a Virtual Machine for a variety of purposes
there is a trac setup all ready to go at... 

   best regards

Brian Hamlin
OSGeo California Chapter
maplabs at light42.com

Quoting Christopher Schmidt <crschmidt at metacarta.com>:
> (Note that you may have seen a similar email like this for TileCache;
> please respond to this one seperately if you care ;))
> Yo,
> So for a while, FeatureServer has been hosted at MetaCarta; while that's been
> the case, I've been lazy insofar as I have not actually managed it well
> or set up a trac/ticket tracker. 
> I see a couple possibilities for fixing this:
>  * Migrate to some other public hosting of SVN (Google code or the like)
>  * Migrate to some other public hosting of not-SVN (github or the like)
>  * Migrate to OSGeo infrastructure
> The latter requires cursory approval of the OSGeo SAC, but I'm not concerned
> about getting that. 
> I'm in favor of moving to OSGeo; FeatureServer makes a good project alongside
> many of the OSGeo software projects (MapServer, GeoServer, PostGIS, 
> OpenLayers,
> etc.) However, I realize the popularity of distributed VCS, and if 
> we're going
> to make a shift, I understand the desire to do so once :)
> Does Github's ticket tracking let people do what they want for ticket
> tracking, or would trac be more useful?
> I have no particularly strong incentive for SVN, just what I'm familiar
> with; if others prefer github, especially given the current tendancy for
> people to hack their own FS stuff together, I'm happy to support that
> instead. 
> (I'm attempting to migrate some of the services off an overloaded machine
> at MC, hence the reason for transition, and this affords the oppourtunity
> to evaluate what FeatureSErver actually needs now that we've had the
> project around for a couple years, and it's relatively stable.)
> Regards,
> -- Christopher Schmidt
> MetaCarta
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