[FOSS-GPS] Introduction

Abdelrazak Younes younes.abdel at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 03:51:30 EDT 2008


Thanks Risto for this initiative. As you asked for an introduction, here 
is it:

My name is Abdelrazak Younes. I am presently a freelance engineer, 
mostly working in the GNSS field. Most of my career has actually been in 
the GNSS field. My PhD thesis was about sequential RAIM and 
hybridization with inertial systems. I've worked for Eurocontrol for six 
years where I developed the PEGASUS toolset 
(http://www.ecacnav.com/content.asp?PageID=55) which is used all other 
Europe (and outside) to monitor and assess SBAS and GBAS performance 
with regards to Civil Aviation needs.

I own an openmoko free runner since the beginning of this month and I 
would like to see if I can port some of my GNSS software to it. I am 
mostly interested in innotive navigation algorithms (using the embedded 
GPS and accelerometers). I am not quite sure yet if the ublox receiver 
used in there allows the transmission of raw data (pseudoranges and 
phases); if it does not, well, I am not sure I made a wise decision when 
I bought it... I am currently very busy with some contracting work but 
next month will be cooler I hope.

I am also involved in LyX, an open source word processor 
(http://www.lyx.org) if that matters... well, it matters a bit because 
that means C++ and Qt4 as far as GUI development is concerned for me :-)

See you,

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