[FOSS-GPS] Introduction, python, gps

Lionel Dricot zeploum at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 05:23:31 EDT 2008


Just to introduce myself : I'm Lionel, engineer, python and Ubuntu fanatic,
very interested by all the location technology. I don't have any project so
I'm more an "end user" and I will be probably passive on this list (which is
an excellent initiative, really).

I want to take the opportunity of this mail to say that I'm want to develop
some little geolocalisation tool in python so I have to buy an USB gps
receiver. I'm only interested by the coordinates, nothing else. What do you
suggest me to buy given the fact that I want to use it with Python under
Ubuntu ?  (If you consider this question off-topic on this list, just forget

Thank you,

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