[FOSS-GPS] Introduction

Rahkonen Jukka Jukka.Rahkonen at mmmtike.fi
Mon Sep 22 02:49:35 EDT 2008

> 2008/9/21 Brian Wilson <brian at wildsong.biz>:
> My name is Brian H Wilson and I live in Corvallis Oregon.
> I am a GIS professional and occasionally do GPS work. I 
> have about 10 
> various new and old GPS receivers at home now, I am thinking of 
> starting a museum for them. :-) I'd like to see a nice FOSS 
> GPS data 
> collector but I don't have a lot of time to work on it right now.
> I did this page: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/GPS_Data_Logger and 
> included my wish list there.


My name is Jukka Rahkonen, GIS end user, and needing GPS for collecting
field data.  Brians GPS data logger page could be my wish list as well,
or in a shorter form: free software for open air use running on PDA and
touch screen tablet PC, and that collects the best parts of three
excellent commercial products: ESRI ArcPad, TDS SOLO Field and Trimble
Terrasync.  Suitability for collecting data for OpenStreetMap project
would be a nice extra.

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