[FOSS-GPS] Introduction

Geert Schuring geert at schuring.eu
Mon Sep 22 04:58:57 EDT 2008

Hi everybody,

My name is Geert Schuring, 25 y/old and living in the Netherlands. I'm a
profesional Java Enteprise developer, and an amateur Map-maker for
My interest in this list is mainly because of a private project I run: GPS
Location Sharing (GLS). Its an Open Source project that creates a platform
to exchange live GPS positions and waypoints between all mobile devices that
have internet access. The project develops a Server and several client
libraries under the LGPL. Its main focus is protocol simplicity. This way we
hope that many mobile applications will embrace the GLS system. We are
developing JavaME, Android, C, and Python client libraries. This way,
Windows Mobile devices will be able to get a live stream of position updates
from an Android or JavaME device.

We are currently rewriting the server using Apache MINA, and making some
minor changes and additions to the protocol. We expect to have a final
release of both the Server and the JavaME client library in about 1 month.

I hope many authors of mobile applications read this and would like to get
involved by adding GLS support to their applications. The client library
will handle everything for you and will use a feedback-handler pattern. This
means integrating it in your app will be very little work.

I will announce GLS release on this list.

Geert Schuring.
Project GLS

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