[FOSS-GPS] Ntrip servers and casters?

John Morris john at coyotebush.net
Tue May 5 16:59:23 EDT 2009

I have a lightweight ntrip caster which fits on machines as small as a
"slug" (the Linksys NSLU2 running Linux). I'll need a day or two to dust the
code off. It works as a basic distribution point with no fancy features. A
complete caster would have management interfaces, archives, protocol
conversion and security. Mine just retransmits the bits.

The goal was to run on a cheap, low power microcontroller which I could
shove into a closet and forget.

  - John Morris

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Dear all,

I was talking with Juan Lucas Domínguez Rubio this morning, asking
what improvements Juan Guillermo Jordán's libLocation would make to
his unofficial gvSIG Mobile port:


One of the improvements I was told about was access to Ntrip data,
which I'm particularly interested in. I've seen sites such as:


Which would happily sell me an Ntrip server and caster that I would
just need to plug an (expensive) GPS receiver into, but does anyone
know of software I could download to perform the same role?
ntrip-systems' products are all linux based, so I'm guessing there's
likely an alternative available to run on my home server. Hardware
could be an issue, however; does anyone know of any consumer receivers
that could provide the appropriate data?

Apologies for not looking into this in great detail before sending an
email to the list, but I was hoping that someone might be able to
point me towards some targeted reading.

Thanks in adance,

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