[FOSS-GPS] Participants wanted for Nokia's PUSH competition

John Morris john at coyotebush.net
Mon Sep 21 21:13:06 EDT 2009

I'd be interested ... I was just getting ready to do something similar.

I've been thinking in terms of GIS data collection. The components would
  O GIS collection software on the phone, (possibly a modified CyberTracker)
  O A webservice for processing raw GPS data, giving "backpack" quality
  O A Repository of base station data, allowing postprocessing as well as
current processing.
  O An ntrip reference station (based on AC12 or LEA-4(5)T)

As a simplification, I was going to do 20-30 second static positions based
on pseudorange.  I originally choose a webservice to save both bandwidth and
handset compute power. Phase based kinematic processing is the "holy grail",
but it probably couldn't be implemented in a short time frame. Walk, then

I was going to use a Linksys nslu2 "slug" for the ntrip reference station.
I'd use a commercial "rent a web" server for the repository and webservice.
It should be possible to move everything onto an N900 for a "Nokia-only"

Some possible simplifications:
  O The base station could provide ntrip directly to the N900 rover which
would do the processing.
  O The webservice could be implemented on the base station, eliminating the
need for ntrip.
  O The repository could be dropped, allowing only "recent" measurements to
be processed.

How do you plan to connect GPS receivers to the N900? The USB plug appears
to be "device" instead of master. Bluetooth is nice for the rover, but it is
a pain for the reference station. Also, an N900 reference station needs to
"auto power" so it can operate unattended.

 - John Morris

PS. I have assorted hardware, including an nslu2, a pair of AC12's, an
LEA-4t, and a collection of compact dome antennas. The GPS receivers are
wired for USB. 

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Dear all,

Nokia is running a competition to hack / publicise their upcoming N900
smartphone; they say:

"We want you to come up with ideas to hack the N900. A panel of expert
judges will pick the most impressive ideas. We'll support you to
create them and then take the final creations on a world tour."

There's more on the website here:

I'd like to hear from people who would be interested in contributing
towards a D-GPS project based upon the Nokia phone; I'll stand as
project lead and start work on the 1000 word description if there's
enough interest. I propose the development of a D-GPS framework to
enable high accuracy GPS position recording within a network of
locally connected N900s and to provide two implementations of this
technology; a hardware hack to provide the phone with a high
sensitivity antenna and detail pole for survey grade recording and a
second, standard hardware implementation, to enable precise location
and messaging within an urban environment.

The deadline for proposals is October 11th, so if anyone's interested
we better start working soon.

Cheers, Joseph
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