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Juan Lucas Dominguez Rubio jldominguez at prodevelop.es
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Every time I hear about high-precision GPS, I try to imagine a use case where that improvement makes a difference.
In reasonable open sky conditions, I think my phone's integrated GPS allows me to identify a car in a row of cars or a tree in a dense park.
Which precision would you achieve with the architecture you are proposing?
Can you give an example where the precision you expect to achieve is useful and the precision I currently get isn't?
Juan Lucas


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> Hi, Joseph,
> Yes, I would like to participate the N900's DGPS project. I am very instersted in this DGPS project, which I had the same idea two years ago.
> Best regards,
> Zhongbang

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	Dear all,
	Nokia is running a competition to hack / publicise their upcoming N900
	smartphone; they say:
	"We want you to come up with ideas to hack the N900. A panel of expert
	judges will pick the most impressive ideas. We'll support you to
	create them and then take the final creations on a world tour."
	There's more on the website here:
	I'd like to hear from people who would be interested in contributing
	towards a D-GPS project based upon the Nokia phone; I'll stand as
	project lead and start work on the 1000 word description if there's
	enough interest. I propose the development of a D-GPS framework to
	enable high accuracy GPS position recording within a network of
	locally connected N900s and to provide two implementations of this
	technology; a hardware hack to provide the phone with a high
	sensitivity antenna and detail pole for survey grade recording and a
	second, standard hardware implementation, to enable precise location
	and messaging within an urban environment.
	The deadline for proposals is October 11th, so if anyone's interested
	we better start working soon.
	Cheers, Joseph
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