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On Tue, 22 Sep 2009 11:09:32 +0200
"Juan Lucas Dominguez Rubio" <jldominguez at prodevelop.es> wrote:

> Hi.
> Every time I hear about high-precision GPS, I try to imagine a use case where that improvement makes a difference.
> In reasonable open sky conditions, I think my phone's integrated GPS allows me to identify a car in a row of cars or a tree in a dense park.
> Which precision would you achieve with the architecture you are proposing?
> Can you give an example where the precision you expect to achieve is useful and the precision I currently get isn't?

Finding a geocache without searching 400 square meters of forest
ground? ;-)
Well, maybe not exactly the usecase you'd pay money for when it comes to
using backend services like the proposed web service. But another thing
where I sometimes want for higher accuracy is mapping stuff for
OpenStreemap. Sure this is not a problem when mapping a track
running between two meadows, it doesn't really matter if it is 5
meters off to the left. But the map is getting ever more detailed in
crowded areas now. E.g. there is a project for mapping dangerous areas
for blind people now and it can very well be life-saving to have a
higher accuracy there.


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