[FOSS-GPS] FoxtrotGPS, gearing up for release...

Joshua Judson Rosen rozzin at geekspace.com
Tue Jun 8 11:07:09 EDT 2010

Joshua Judson Rosen <rozzin at geekspace.com> writes:
> Hi everyone,
> I apologise for the delays; I've spent the last week and a half doing
> some final clean-up and review in preparation for an initial release
> of FoxtrotGPS. This includes finishing the conversion of the 4k+ line
> autogenerated interface.c to GladeXML/libglade, creation of a new icon
> for use in place of the tangoGPS icon, consistency-checks, functional
> verification of the new libglade code, fixing some remaining bugs that
> prevented me from testing, and reviewing all of the improvements that
> we've made beyond tangoGPS 0.99.3 for the creation of an informative
> NEWS file.

FYI, current draft of the NEWS file in the bzr repository at

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This is the first release of FoxtrotGPS since branching from tangoGPS.
The user-visible features and functionality of this release very similar
to those of tangoGPS 0.99.3; FoxtrotGPS does, however, include several fixes
and enhancements:

    * Thanks to libgps, FoxtrotGPS supports both the new and old
      gpsd protocols transparently.

    * The gpsd server address can now be specified either by name or
      by IP address.

    * The saved gpsd host and port settings are used at startup,
      rather than defaulting to `localhost:2947' after each restart.

    * Any pending `Load Track...' windows are no longer cancelled by

    * A bug causing geotagging of photographs to fail for photographs
      taken near lines of latitude or longitude has been fixed.

    * Toolbars now have a style more consistent with other GTK+ applications.

    * The command option-parser has been replaced:

      - The "-fullscreen" option has been replaced by a more standard
        "--fullscreen" option.
      - A "--display" option is now supported to specify which X11
        display to use.
      - A standard "--help" option is now supported as a means of
        enquiring as to basic information about the program and its

    * A new `detail-scaling' feature has been added to the main menu,
      allowing selection of `fewer/larger details' or `more/smaller details'.

    * GUI elements directing the user to `see tangogps.org for more details'
      have been removed.

Additionally, packagers and developers should additionally note the
following changes:

    * All user-visible references in the program to the package-name
      (including paths to icons and configuration-data) are defined in
      terms of the GNU-standard symbols, "PACKAGE" and "PACKAGE_NAME",
      for easy re-branding.

    * The internationalisation infrastructure has been updated and
      extended using intltool, and now supports translations in

    * Issues triggering warnings from the GNU Autotools and the C
      compiler have been have been fixed. It should now be possible to
      build using GCC with CFLAGS="-Wall -Werror".

    * All libraries on which FoxtrotGPS depends are now specifically
      probed by ./configure; the package should no longer fail to build
      following successful configuration.

    * An `autogen.sh' script hass been added to simplify bootstrapping
      the GNU Autotools-based build-infrastructure.

    * The output of the ./configure script's probes for depdencies has
      been made less confusing by naming each dependency as it is

    * The GUI has been converted to GladeXML, and is dynamically
      loaded via libglade. A GladeXML UI definition can be specified
      from the command-line via a new "--gui" option.
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