[FOSS-GPS] Cleaning up the ogm-widget branch

Sander van Grieken sander at 3v8.net
Wed Jun 30 06:19:35 EDT 2010

> Sander van Grieken <sander at 3v8.net> writes:
>> I have been trying to clean up my branch of foxtrotgps and address
>> the concerns Joshua has, but I've been hit by several bugs in the
>> tools I use. Both Eclipse's Apply Patch functionality and Kompare
>> have limitations or bugs that prevent me from doing full interactive
>> selection on hunk-level. (Eclipse doesn't seem to save the
>> interactive changes, and Kompare saves into the patch file itself :)
> Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much I can offer as far as useful
> recommendations for diff-tools goes--I just use emacs and the usual
> command-line utilities (*occasionally* I'll even use commands like
> "diff -u <(bzr diff -c-1 branch1) <(bzr diff branch2)", but not often).

Yes, you master

> Hopefully this doesn't sound condescending--sometimes it's just not
> obvious to people

Yes, me idiot

> Are you actually trying to use the "bzr rebase" command, or do just mean
> *merging* the trunk down into your branch?


You know, I'm doing this in my free time. The idea was to do this for fun.
I have tried a couple of ways to cleanup the branch without leaving noise
in the patches/logs (i.e. fix individual patches) but got hit by various
bugs in the tools. But if this gets translated into incompetence at each
opportunity then you can forget about me contributing to this project.

The only thing I'm willing to do now is apply some patches that reverse
earlier patches that bother you, then you can take it or leave it.

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