[FOSS-GPS] Tango/FoxtrotGPS Problem

Ben McCarthy b.mccarthy at lancaster.ac.uk
Tue Jul 12 08:16:26 EDT 2011


I emailed a little while back about trying to get Tango/FoxtrotGPS to
display the changing location of multiple people. I adapted paint_friends()
to draw every icon I need and call it at the end of
update_position_thread(). I also found that I needed to call
fill_tiles_pixel(global_x, global_y, global_zoom, FALSE) beforehand to
ensure that movements were updated even when the map remained static.
I tested this functionality indoors, feeding the application pre-collected
coordinates and it worked fine. However, I've since found that when I try to
use it in conjunction with a connected GPS device, the application crashes
(I think when the map attempts to autocenter). I looked into the problem and
it appears to be crashing on this line in load_tile(): gdk_draw_pixbuf
(pixmap, gc_map, (overzoom ? pixbuf_scaled : pixbuf), 0,0,
offset_x,offset_y, TILESIZE, TILESIZE, GDK_RGB_DITHER_NONE, 0, 0).

I've tried everything I can think of to fix this error, I'm fairly new to
GDK so I'm struggling now to work out what else might be causing this. If
anyone could suggest what the problem might be, or anything else it might be
worth investigating I'd be grateful.





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