[FOSS-GPS] NTRIP casters?

Danny Miller dannym at austin.rr.com
Mon Jun 20 16:53:25 EDT 2011

I was hoping to use an NTRIP caster. I'm in Texas.  Looking at the 
references online, there are NO NTRIP sites in Texas.  The nearest is 
Albuquerque, NM!

I heard about the CORS system.  There is a CORS station at University of 
Texas only 11KM away.
How is that different from NTRIP?  Can I reference a CORS data stream in 

I am associated with the Austin, Tx Hackerspace, an amateur tech lab 
(well, many here are professionals across many disciplines).
One project I proposed would be a GPS reference such as NTRIP (or CORS, 
I guess).  It would be a fun project and place us as a dot on a map.  It 
is not possible right now because we don't have a reliable internet 
connection, we only have Clear wireless internet and they throttled us 
back due to the bandwidth we used.  But, I proposed using one of these 
units like a LEA-6T with a wireless modem to the servers below for 
computation and Internet availability, all solar-powered and no bulkhead 
wiring through the roof (we are not allowed to modify the roof).  I 
don't have a question in this regard, just wanted to mention it.


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