[FOSS-GPS] NTRIP casters?

Homan, Thomas thoman at co.gila.az.us
Mon Jun 20 18:16:01 EDT 2011

Hi Danny,

NTRIP is a communications protocol used for wirelessly transmitting GPS data. (http://igs.bkg.bund.de/ntrip/index) 
CORS is acronym for Continuously Operating Reference Station and is managed (in the US at least) by the National Geodetic Survey (http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/CORS/ )

In your case (not sure how it is in EU and other part of the world) have a look at the NGS website. If you select a specific CORS station (there are right around 200 in TX alone) you can look at the sitelog file data to determine a site contact down near the bottom. From there you could contact that person to find out if they offer NTRIP service or publish to a regional service that does. 

I happen to be one of the site operators in AZ. We do have NTRIP enabled for our own use with Trimble equipment but have not enabled it for public consumption. For that we feed the data to an RTN provider.

One final thought on the NTRIP process, most CORS are set to run at either 1 or 5 second data rate. I think you were wanting what would be considered high rate data since your comments indicated 5hz. High rate data is typically not directly published due to long term storage capacity constraints. I collect 10hz data on the receiver in a buffer that rolls over every 90 days during daylight hours to support airborne GPS mapping activities. You would only know this info if you contacted me as an example.

Hope this helps


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I was hoping to use an NTRIP caster. I'm in Texas.  Looking at the 
references online, there are NO NTRIP sites in Texas.  The nearest is 
Albuquerque, NM!

I heard about the CORS system.  There is a CORS station at University of 
Texas only 11KM away.
How is that different from NTRIP?  Can I reference a CORS data stream in 

I am associated with the Austin, Tx Hackerspace, an amateur tech lab 
(well, many here are professionals across many disciplines).
One project I proposed would be a GPS reference such as NTRIP (or CORS, 
I guess).  It would be a fun project and place us as a dot on a map.  It 
is not possible right now because we don't have a reliable internet 
connection, we only have Clear wireless internet and they throttled us 
back due to the bandwidth we used.  But, I proposed using one of these 
units like a LEA-6T with a wireless modem to the servers below for 
computation and Internet availability, all solar-powered and no bulkhead 
wiring through the roof (we are not allowed to modify the roof).  I 
don't have a question in this regard, just wanted to mention it.


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