[FOSS-GPS] Dead Reckoning?

Danny Miller dannym at austin.rr.com
Mon Jun 20 19:45:43 EDT 2011

I plan on making a rover with an IMU containing XYZ linear 
accelerometers, rotational accelerometers, and 3D magnetometer compass.
There will also be tachometers on the wheels.

This serves to orient the rover with a compass heading, and detect 
collisions or loss of traction.  It may also help in short-term 
navigation should the RTKlib lose carrier lock.

Could this information be integrated as correction information for 
RTKlib?  The IMU has inherent offset errors and is not accurate over 
significant time periods, and tachometers are inaccurate on rough ground 
since tires slip.  It can, however, provide guidance for RTK solutions 
when the solution is in doubt.  Going from a Fixed solution to a float 
that jumps over 2M, the IMU's evidence that no such motion occurred 
should be a useful correction.  Now given 30 sec of motion, assuming 
it's been moving, the IMU's range of error is such that the IMU vector 
from the last known Fixed time could be several meters.   Even still, I 
would expect that having information on how the rover is moving would 
improve the ability to resolve to an accurate solution.

I don't see any way this could be provided as a type of correction 
information.  Is it possible?


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