[FOSS-GPS] Dead Reckoning?

Tomoji Takasu ttaka at yk.rim.or.jp
Mon Jun 20 20:34:48 EDT 2011

Dear Danny

> I don't see any way this could be provided as a type of correction 
> information.  Is it possible?

Basically all is possible because all of the source codes
are open.

However, I recommend loosely-coupled integration
implemented outside of RTKLIB.

For tightly-coupled integration, you have to modify the
filter code deeply. It mignt be hard way.



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Subject: [FOSS-GPS] Dead Reckoning?

> I plan on making a rover with an IMU containing XYZ linear accelerometers, 
> rotational accelerometers, and 3D magnetometer compass.
> There will also be tachometers on the wheels.
> This serves to orient the rover with a compass heading, and detect 
> collisions or loss of traction.  It may also help in short-term navigation 
> should the RTKlib lose carrier lock.
> Could this information be integrated as correction information for RTKlib? 
> The IMU has inherent offset errors and is not accurate over significant 
> time periods, and tachometers are inaccurate on rough ground since tires 
> slip.  It can, however, provide guidance for RTK solutions when the 
> solution is in doubt.  Going from a Fixed solution to a float that jumps 
> over 2M, the IMU's evidence that no such motion occurred should be a 
> useful correction.  Now given 30 sec of motion, assuming it's been moving, 
> the IMU's range of error is such that the IMU vector from the last known 
> Fixed time could be several meters.   Even still, I would expect that 
> having information on how the rover is moving would improve the ability to 
> resolve to an accurate solution.
> I don't see any way this could be provided as a type of correction 
> information.  Is it possible?
> Thanks,
> Danny
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