[FOSS-GPS] Quadrifilar vs patch? Choke rings?

Danny Miller dannym at austin.rr.com
Tue Jun 21 01:59:29 EDT 2011

I have a pair of quad antennas, and a patch.

I don't have a choke ring for either one, although I'm considering 
building one, I don't have them now.  I have a CNC mill and it would be 
primarily an issue of getting aluminum billet stock.

Which is better for RTK?  I was just told that the quad without a choke 
ring may not be as good as a patch without the choke ring- in which case 
I can use a pair of patches.

WITH choke ring designs, are the patches or quad antennas better?

The rover may climb a 30 deg or so slope at times.  There will be some 
tilting of the antenna.


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