[FOSS-GPS] Intro; foxtrotgps comment; another FOSS gpsd client.

Charles Curley charlescurley at charlescurley.com
Wed Jun 29 19:29:29 EDT 2011


I just pulled in the latest foxtrotgps from bzr and compiled it. I also
use a fairly recent gpsd, pretty close to head. I currently have gpsd
as of 2011-06-29, commit 43a0117a79b2175c3f89301edd33e3b893577137.
foxtrotgpsd is running with that version.

Thanks for doing the conversion to gpsd protocol version 2.0. It's nice
to see that foxtrotgps tries to reconnect if it looses its connection
to gpsd. It also seems to handle loosing the gps receiver as well. Good

I have a fairly brain-dead Gnome client for gpsd which also tracks gpsd
What is on the web page is a bit long in the tooth (February), so I may
update it soon. In any case, enjoy.


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