[FOSS-GPS] Tango/Foxtrot GPS - Plotting locations of multiple things

Ben McCarthy b.mccarthy at lancaster.ac.uk
Mon May 2 18:12:11 EDT 2011


I actually managed to get this working shortly after sending my original email using move_map() and just passing in zero.

So my main question relating to the mapping side of things now is about if I wanted to add tracks to each of the other locations displayed. I'm not really sure I actually want to do that (I imagine the map could get quite confusing as it is scribbled all over with the tracks) but out of curiosity I'm interested to know if this has already been done by incorporating osm-gps-maps. There seems to have been some previous discussion about this but it's not clear what was achieved. 

Or is it the case that within Tango/Foxtrot it would actually be more straightforward to use existing functions to draw the additional tracks, I haven't looked into this area of the code yet.



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> "Ben McCarthy" <b.mccarthy at lancaster.ac.uk> writes:
> >
> > I don't have my code uploaded anywhere at the min, but it is
> essentially
> > just the TangoGPS code (certainly with regards to the graphical
> elements).
> > All I have done is adapt the "Friends" part to accept lat/lons from a
> socket
> > rather than from the "Friends" server.
> >
> > This friends functionality behaves in the same way if you use it as
> it
> > currently stands in TangoGPS, i.e. it only updates the new location
> of a
> > friend if the map is physically dragged.
> >
> > One example of a hacky way I tried to fix this was by trying to call
> the
> > on_drawingarea1_button_release_event function in callbacks.c that is
> run
> > when the map is dragged, whenever a new coordinate is received.
> However this
> > didn't work for me.
> There's a lot of code in on_drawingarea1_button_release_event(),
> but I believe the relevant part is that it's calling repaint_all().
> I gather that you're working with update_position_thread() in
> friends.c;
> it looks like it just calls paint_friends(), rather than repaint_all()-
> -
> and it looks like that's a bug!
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