[FOSS-GPS] Tango/Foxtrot GPS - Plotting locations of multiple things

Ben McCarthy b.mccarthy at lancaster.ac.uk
Mon May 2 18:20:18 EDT 2011

As for the suitability of my implementation, I don't think it would be useful because for my use case every node can be assumed to want to know the location of every other node. I also cannot really on the availability of a centralised server. I'm therefore just directly sharing the lat/lons between each user using multiple TCP sockets.

It's an implementation for quite a specific task that I don't think would translate for the general use case really.



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> "Ben McCarthy" <b.mccarthy at lancaster.ac.uk> writes:
> >
> > I am new to the list  and welcome any advice in this area.
> >
> > I want to develop a mapping interface that can plot my own location
> plus the
> > location of others (where the location of others is transmitted
> directly
> > between one another, not via a central server).
> >
> > To do this I searched around and came across TangoGPS, I changed the
> interface
> > a bit and added the new functionality I required (by adapting the
> “Friends”
> > functionality, cutting out the Curl code and replacing it with some
> socket
> > code). After doing this, I came across an email thread that lead me
> to find
> > out about the problems that lead to the creation of FoxtrotGPS.
> As Jay said, "Replace the proprietary `friends' and IM subsystems
> with open, standards-based [and decentralised] systems" is indeed
> on the roadmap <http://www.foxtrotgps.org/roadmap.html>.
> I'd love to see what you're doing. If you go through the archive
> for this mailing-list, you'll find some conversation about protocol
> and API options that we've looked into. I'm still thinking that
> Jabber/XMPP looks pretty favourable; and, actually, contrary
> to what I said the last time I wrote on this topic...,
> I think doing XEP-0080 via Pub-Sub actualy should be viable--
> I believe we can use MUC chatrooms as a sort of `public roster'
> and then use Pub-Sub for sending/receiving geolocation updates.
> Though, if you've already got something working with a different
> protocol..., maybe we should just use that? ;)
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