[FOSS-GPS] Post-processing RINEX to simulate RTK

António Pestana afsm.pestana at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 13:56:47 EDT 2011

Sorry if this is not the right forum to post my question. I’m a newcomer and
I am not by no means a GNSS expert. But I want to learn.

I want to evaluate the quality of RTK differential phase positioning for
some very demanding engineering applications. Unfortunately I was not able
to connect rover and reference station to the same computer, so I could not
use commercial GNSS software to do the RTK processing of the observations.
As a workaround I decided to store the observations (collected at both
sites) in RINEX format files. Now I have a bunch of RINEX files, obs (phase
at 20 Hz) and nav, from base and rover.

I want to simulate real-time (as if they were obtained in the field)
double-differences double-frequencies phase positioning of the rover by
processing these RINEX files. I also need one position for each epoch of
observations and, for now, I do not want to use any kind of “smoothing
filter”. Can I use a post-processing application to do the job ? If this is
not possible, can you explain me why?



PS:  Some days ago I’ve found RTKLIB. It’s a very interesting application.
It would be nice if I could use it to solve my problem.
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