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> I don't need absolute position of two
> vehicles. 
> I just need the relative position between two vehicles. 
> My aim is display the neighbor vehicle's location based on
> my vehicle
> location by GPS information exchange. 
> if my location have 2m error and other vehicle has the same
> 2m error with
> the same direction, it is OK to me. 
> --


Taking your words, I'm not good at GPS relative terms and algorithms too.

I think that the moving base must have an fixed and known lenght .
This will not be your case.
May be you can use a fixed base ( two antennas on one car ), but in this case, it would be better to put it over  an reference station and let both car as rovers.

I have realised some tests with one ublox-4T. I just have one and it was quite difficult to buy this one  :-(
I have stoped it for a while, but RTKLIB is great and nice  and I plan use it.
I got very good results, cm accuracy for a 10 km base line.

I have modified a python code to set it up to output raw carrier phase and navegation data. It runs under *NIX.

The basic code is here


julio menezes

PS: you can see my results here:

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