[FOSS-GPS] A Simple summary for ublox EVK-6T setting for RTKlib(single Mode)

adioshun adioshun at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 22:17:15 EST 2012

First of all, Thanks to Mauro Ugarte & julio menezes.

Finally it Works! : ) 

There are three parts to be considered. 

[ublox setting]
1. Run a u-center
2. View -> Configuration View
3. select MSG (Messages) 
4. search for RXM-RAW & RXM-SFRB and set the USB as 1 (I use a USB, It can
be changed) 
5. View -> Messages View
6. select UBX-CFG(config)-PRT(ports)
7. set the Taget as "3-USB" /Protocol in as "UBX+NEMA+RTCM / Protocol out as

1. Run a RTKNAVI 2.4.1
2. Option -> settting1-> Position mode = static or single ( I don't the
differences, But Both are work)
3. Option -> settting1-> Frequencies = L1 
* The other settings are the same as julio's attachments 

* I attache the windows version config file 

[Antenna Location]
At the begging, I wonder about Mauro Ugarte's "Antenna Location" suggestion
Because, In the same location, the u-center shows good performance 
I re-locate the antenna to more open sky place, then it works : ) 
Maybe RTKlib required more strong signal. 

p.s My next step is a "moving-base" case with the two EVK-6Ts. Wish me good

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