[FOSS-GPS] Test file

Michele Bavaro mic.bavaro at yahoo.co.uk
Tue May 8 17:24:31 EDT 2012

Hi Danny,

When you manage to compile RNX2RTKP for STM32F104 I will send you plenty 
of files to test it against.
By the way, did you already consider the files in


On 08/05/2012 21:25, Danny Miller wrote:
> Like I said before, I'm trying to compile RTKLib for the STM32F4, 
> which looks like it may unfortunately lack the processing power, at 
> least for 10Hz operation.  That being something that needs to be 
> determined.
> What seems useful to me is to start by running on data files instead 
> of live GPS data.  This would yield consistent results to work with as 
> things are tweaked, and more important, won't run into problems where 
> we overrun the input buffer because the processing can't keep up with 
> the data rate.  If there's an overrun error, it may be confusing as to 
> what's actually wrong, and I wouldn't know just how far "under" it 
> really was.  If I'm working from a pair of log files that represent X 
> seconds of data and it takes 1.5X seconds to process I know I'm short 
> by that much.  And it'll avoid the hardware the I/O setup too.
> Anyhow, is there a test file like that anywhere?
> Danny
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