[FOSS-GPS] Latency in RTKLIB solutions

Fabrizio Toni fabrizio.toni at techplanet.it
Wed May 9 06:48:30 EDT 2012

Hi all,
I'm conducting an experimentation with a Denga10 receiver and a 
Tallysmann TW2410 mounted on the roof of a moving vehicle in urban 
environment up to 120 Km/h.
I receive the corrections from the Topcon italian network Netgeo in VRS 
mode at 1 Hz in real time.
I can distinguish the lane with very good accuracy (dm accuracy) but my 
problem is the latency of the solution.
How can I monitor the time latency and the error position caused on the 
curvilinear abscissa with RTKLIB?
Does RTKLIB make a compensation of this error ?
With RTKNAVI I can monitor the age of differential and I can setup the 
Max Age of Differential but i think is not enough.

Any ideas?


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