[FOSS-GPS] rtklib ( no base station observation data for rtk )

Mauro Ugarte Avilés mauro.ugarte at cefop.udec.cl
Wed May 9 15:02:57 EDT 2012

Hi Willem,

  Maybe you should try to test a simpler setup, by connecting the base 
receiver directly to the pc running rtknavi, swapping both receivers, or 
performing other minor changes until the observation data delivered by 
the RXM-RAW message from the receiver acting as base gets showed and 
processed by rtknavi. Did you set the fixed position of the base 
receiver? which positioning mode are you selecting?

Mauro Ugarte A.

On 08/05/12 09:47, Willem Dantuma wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'am trying to make a base station + rover setup with 2 Ublox EVK-6T 
> receivers and rtklib 2.4.1 all is going as expected thank to the great 
> posts on this list. but now i having some trouble and always get a ( 
> no base station observation data for rtk message ) on the rover and 
> never getting a FIX ( only SINGLE).
> This is my setup:
> Base station
> 1 ublox EVK 6T + rtkrcv on linux
>   input 1 - serial
>   output 1 - tcpsvr
> Rover
> 1 ublox EVK 6T + rtknavi on windows
>   input 1 - serial
>   input 2 - tcpclient
> Rover is connecting to the server fine and messages are send to the 
> rover ( verified using the monitor in rtknavi ).
> Any ideas are welcome...
> Thanks in advance
> Willem
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