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I've got it! Asterisk on the end of the ephemeris file names allows to use

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Dear, collegues!

Could someone help me to clear some questions about RTKpost (part of

The first question is the following: How can I get solution for both GPS
and GLONASS RINEX files simultaneously? I can use path for RINEX
observation file that contain both GLONASS and GPS data. But I can use path
only for GPS or GLONASS ephemeris files. Is there any way to use both types
of ephemeris files simultaneously? How can I do it?

The second question is similar to this one. I tried to experiment with
PPP-solutions. As I understand I must use precise ephemeris and precise
clock files for this positioning mode. But I can set the path only for
precise ephemeris or precise clock. Is there any tutorial or example how to
use PPP-positioning mode with RINEX files?

PS I've seen this document:
http://gpspp.sakura.ne.jp/paper2005/GPS_RTKLIB_Seminor_2.pdf . But I
couldn't understand how to use PPP-positioning mode and RINEX files in

Thanks in advance!
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