[FOSS-GPS] PPP with RTKLib: RINEX O- and N- files?

Anders Wallin anders.e.e.wallin at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 00:03:28 PST 2013

> << Does this have something to do with the PPP mode kinematic/static/fixed?
> << Is there a way to tell RTKPOST that my receiver is fixed, no Nav data
> is required,
> << and it processes just the Observation data?
> For post-process PPP, i think you will need precise  SP3‐c precise orbits
> (sp3 ) , clock and ion ( *I ).
> As your receiver is not moving,  PPP-static and  other options.
> For GNU/Linux CUI  rnx2rtkp there are only 6:ppp-kinematic,7:ppp-static
> modes.
Yes, I am using rtkget to download the relevant SP3 (IGS_EPH) and CLK
(IGS_CLK) files also. I am not using any IONEX file since I don't know
where to get that.

I also tried submitting the same RINEX file to the online tool CSRS-PPP
over here:
This online tool works with the automatically generated RINEX 2.11
Observation data file from my Dicom GTR51. I did not submit a separate
navigation data file to the site.

However with RTKLib I cannot get PPP calculations to work with just the
Observation+SP3+CLK data.
As described before RTKPOST works when I manually generate both Observation
and Navigation rinex files from the Dicom - but this option is not
automated in the Dicom user interface - so it's not really an option for
continuous use.

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