[FOSS-GPS] RTKLIB ublox base station question

Stephen Gal pgyujto at indamail.hu
Thu May 30 09:48:16 PDT 2013

 Dear All!

I try to test RTKlib, but i ran into a problem. I have two ublox lea-6T, and for now i connected them to PC via USB. The op system is win7, and the rtklib version is 2.4.1. Both receiver working fine in single mode, but when i try use them together (as rover and base station), the base station isn't giving any position. The signals come, i haven't got any "no base station observation data for rtk" error message, but it won't to work.
When i convert the log of the base station to RINEX, it hasn't any APPROX POSITION XYZ. (In the options of rtknavi i fill the positions properly) When i wrote into this the coordinates, it working fine with post processing. But i have to use it in real-time.

Did i miss something setting or can give me anybody some advice?

Thanks for helping!


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