[FOSS-GPS] RTKLIB Vehicle Accuracy

Nick darknovanick at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 11:24:33 PDT 2014


I am interested in getting an RTK GPS setup working for a moving vehicle,
not fast, perhaps 10 mph. I would postprocess the data collected later,
using data downloaded from a nearby station.

My desire is to log elevation data every few seconds as the vehicle drives.
I hope to achieve 10-20 cm accuracy for the position and the elevation.

As I research RTKLIB, it seems like most information I come across is
regarding a static location. Is my goal feasible to achieve this kind of
accuracy as the vehicle moves?

If so, can anyone recommend a good board to get me started? I'm hoping to
be able to do this for under $200 (just one receiver since the base station
is public) -- please give me a reality check if this is unlikely. Thanks,

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