[FOSS-GPS] FW: rtkrcv problems running tutorial sample

Christopher Hartley christopherhartley at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 31 07:04:15 PDT 2014

Hello, I am trying to run the same demonstration that the tutorial does, but using rtkrcv instead of RTKNAVI.  I compiled rtkrcv in Debian 7.  I have the following problems when I start the server:
1) It seems to process really slow, the "time of receiver clock rover" only increments by 50ms per each second.     -I may have fixed this by adjusting input file path line in the conf file currently it is set to :
inpstr1-path       =/home/chris/rtklibsample/oemv_20090515c.gps::T::x200inpstr2-path       =/home/chris/rtklibsample/0263_20090515c.rtcm3::T::x10 (although it still doesn't seem to process 1sec / sec)
2) I get " age of differential error (age=-605295.1)" error3) I only get "single" solution, not "fix"
Any suggestions would be welcome.
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