[FOSS-GPS] Single frequency static PPP

beale beale at bealecorner.com
Thu May 8 10:49:01 PDT 2014

I don't know what the list rules are but I am doing (I think) something similar to you, static PPP with a LEA-6T-0 so I'm interested. I didn't know until just now that there was any online service handling single-frequency observations. So far I have only my own solution with RTKLIB static PPP only.  With a fixed antenna mounted on my chimney and gathering data over some weeks, the scatter of all the daily solutions is approximately 20 cm, not much better than that in any case.

I don't know where you're located, but since CSRS is the Canadian Spatial Reference System, does that service solve for positions outside Canada? Eg. I'm in the US and I wonder if they may be increasingly inaccurate with increasing distance from Canada.  But I'm no expert on reference frames.

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>  I'm interested in locating my antenna so I got an LEA-6T and ran some
>  data through RTKLIB and sent some data to CSRS-PPP.
>  This, plus some reading leads me to some questions:
>  1) Is CSRS-PPP the only place currently doing single frequency PPP?  I see
>  that JPL has that as a future product.
>  2) I have about .2m (x,y) between the RTKLIB average and the CSRS-PPP
>  estimate.  Is that reasonable?
>  3) Last summer Tomoji TAKASU said
>     u-blox 7 does not provide T-version of the module 
>     RTKLIB requires T-version ... to utilize raw pseudorange and
>  carrier-phase.
>     So you cannot use u-blox 7 with RTKLIB.
>  Is it the u-blox timing model specifics (fixed position/tmode2) or is it
>  the raw data  (e.g. from a NEO-7P) that is required for RTKLIB.
>  Then there's a meta-question:
>  Is this list the best place to talk about RTKLIB?  Particularly given that
>  I'm only interested in post processing to locate a few points rather
>  than kinematics.
>  Thanks.
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