[FOSS-GPS] Single frequency static PPP

Paul foss_gps at bodosom.net
Thu May 8 10:00:47 PDT 2014

I'm interested in locating my antenna so I got an LEA-6T and ran some data
through RTKLIB and sent some data to CSRS-PPP.

This, plus some reading leads me to some questions:

1) Is CSRS-PPP the only place currently doing single frequency PPP?  I see
that JPL has that as a future product.
2) I have about .2m (x,y) between the RTKLIB average and the CSRS-PPP
estimate.  Is that reasonable?
3) Last summer Tomoji TAKASU said

   u-blox 7 does not provide T-version of the module
   RTKLIB requires T-version ... to utilize raw pseudorange and
   So you cannot use u-blox 7 with RTKLIB.

Is it the u-blox timing model specifics (fixed position/tmode2) or is it
the raw data  (e.g. from a NEO-7P) that is required for RTKLIB.

Then there's a meta-question:
Is this list the best place to talk about RTKLIB?  Particularly given that
I'm only interested in post processing to locate a few points rather than

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