[FOSS-GPS] Amateur NTRIP casters

Danny Miller dannym at austin.rr.com
Thu May 8 13:25:35 PDT 2014

I have seen some things about NTRIP casters as references.  They're 
supposed to be useful, but few and far between.  Long-distance baselines 
are likely.

I was talking to a local ham radio group the other day, which was into 
setting up stations... repeaters I think, as a grassroots public 
service.  I think there was some sort of internet connection involved there.

Would it be useful to use something like LEA-6T or NV08-C L1 stuff as an 
amateur, but more likely to be local (low baseline), NTRIP caster?

It really doesn't seem difficult to add this functionality to the sort 
of physical stations they do.  Is it useful for accuracy?  Is there an 
existing framework by which amateur, local NTRIP data could be located 
and accessed?


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