[FOSS-GPS] Basic information on DGPS using RTKLIB

Dan Cook danco at cox.net
Thu Oct 2 14:16:00 PDT 2014

What data is sent from the base station to rover to allow performing corrections?

Are there choices in the protocol used to transmit this data?


RTCM3 is the most popular and most compatible format, but there are other formats, some of which are proprietary like CMR, CMR+, CMRx.




The base GNSS device operates as a base and outputs an RTCM3 data stream. Serve that stream to an NTRIP broadcaster.

The rover GNSS device operates as a rover and receives the RTCM3 data stream via NTRIP.

The rover GNSS device outputs RTK (fixed/float) position solutions (in NMEA format for instance).

Your application consumes the RTK position solutions from the rover.

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